Below is a comprehensive list of projects I've worked on, including the finished products.


Throughout the Fall of 2017 and the Spring of 2018, I took two classes regarding research methodologies and practices. I spend the first semester researching the negative effects systemic Islamophobia has on counterterrorism policy. This semester, my focus has shifted to focus more on the impact western Islamophobia has on Muslim populations both in America and abroad. I was given the opportunity to do field research into this topic and I then wrote a paper describing my findings. To read my findings from my interviews in the field as well as to understand my analysis on why Islamophobia exists in America today, please see the attached PDF.

Virtual Exchange Project 

In the spring of 2017, I participated in a cross-cultural team comprised of three people from American University and three people from the University of Batna, Algeria. Together, we collaborated to create a singular video demonstrating the cultural differences between the US and Algeria, specifically on the topic of how each respective culture uses its free time. Through weekly or bi-weekly video calls, we learned about each other's home lives, food, future aspirations and school activities, all the while becoming friends. Below is the video we created and then presented before our class.  

Access AU

This was a semester long project completed by the AU Scholars Visual Literacy class. Working in conjunction with a client -- American University Academic Access Center -- we created symbols to allow students and visitors to quickly identify wheel accessible paths around campus. To promote our project and gain visibility we created a website, advertisements, and social media accounts. My role in the project was to manage the social media and email accounts. Below is the final presentation we gave for our clients.

Perry High School Broadcasting: Revolution

Revolution was the closed circuit variety show created by the high school broadcasting class. In addition to helping team members film their contributions and edit clips, I had my own segment called Weekly Update. This was a parody of the segment Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. I was responsible for researching my own political and comedic news stories and choosing which ones would be received well by an audience of my peers, recording, and editing my own videos. Below is an example of one of my segments. 

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